Mar 24

Why so many small businesses struggle with SEO

Starting a new business online can be extremely challenging. While it’s much less competitive if you’re starting a local business and just want to build an online presence, building a purely online business can be quite difficult. Not only have competitors built their websites and marketing foundations for months or years before your new website was built, but there truly is an endless number of competitors. When this happens, it can be much more difficult to put together an effective SEO campaign. However, working with a trusted professional on your search marketing can make all the difference with your results – short-term, and long-term.

Mar 25

What Are the Best Digital Marketing Tactics in 2016 and Beyond?

There’s no question that the online world is always changing and that to compete you need to be able to stay on top of changing trends. Your goal as a business owner is to continue to deliver a solid message to clients and potential clients that keeps them coming back over and over again. There are many different ways to get attention in the online world, and while many of these are not necessarily new, it’s important to know exactly where each method stands to make sure you’re not investing in past strategies.

Continue reading to learn more about the best digital marketing tactics in 2016! Also, check out the information (it’s a bit long, though) presentation about digital marketing in this day and age.

SEO Is As Important As Ever

Search engine optimization has received a variety of mixed reviews over the past few years, but the truth is that it is more important than it has ever been. Local businesses need to understand how to claim their listings and how to build local SEO authority. This is the only way for them to get the attention they need in order to prosper. On the other side, getting national attention on the SEO level is also more than possible nowadays. It takes some skill, some patience, and a strong understanding of what Google wants, but the websites that provide that, do much less work to rank highly than they did even a few years ago, and first page Google equals floods of free traffic. Here is an example of an SEO company that can help you:

Don’t Ignore Pictures & Video

Above all else, people want great content. But, even their preferred content has changed quite a bit. Just as TV beat out books and the Internet beat out newspapers, photos and videos are beating out text online. You need to have a strong Instagram and YouTube presence if you want a lot of attention, and you need to understand the specific intra-site SEO rules on those sites to open the flood gates of positive attention that you are looking for.

Social Media Done Right

Social media is a lot more than having an active Twitter and Facebook accounts. It means taking advantage of the advertising on social media and appearing to drive more traffic on that social media site to your specific page. When you do this correctly, you improve the power of your videos, pictures, and content. This is how you get the most out of digital marketing in today’s world!

In Conclusion

When it comes to the best digital marketing tactics in 2016 and beyond, always remember that your main goal is to get positive attention that keeps you in the mind of current clients. Additionally, you want to be making a positive impression with new people who could become potential future clients. When you keep these final goals in mind, you will avoid the flash in the pan attempts at attention that often backfire (or don’t work) and be able to see what exactly is working at this moment. In some cases, it might mean you should work with a search engine expert on your website. In other cases, you need to build your referral network. Either way, it’s about continuing to build and grow your business.

Keeping that right philosophy will help guide you no matter how the online world continues to shift and change right in front of your eyes.